Indigo - Important Questions

1.      Why do you think Gandhi considered the Champaran episode to be a turning-point in his life?
2.      How was Gandhi able to influence lawyers? Give instances.
3.      What was the attitude of the average Indian in smaller localities towards advocates of ‘home rule’?
4.      How do we know that ordinary people too contributed to the freedom movement?
5.      Why did Gandhi agree to a settlement of 25 per cent refund to the farmers?
6.      How did the episode change the plight of the peasants?
7.      What did the peasants pay the British landlords as rent? What did the British now want instead and why? What would be the impact of synthetic indigo on the prices of natural indigo?
8.      Why is Rajkumar Shukla described as being ‘resolute’?
9.      Why do you think the servants thought Gandhi to be another peasant?
10.    Why did Gandhiji feel that taking the Champaran case to court was useless?
11.    What made the Lieutenant Governor drop the case against Gandhiji?
12.    Why did Gandhiji oppose when his friend Andrews offered to stay in Champaran and help the peasants?
13.    “The battle of Champaran is won!” What led Gandhiji to make this remark?
14.   Gandhiji’s loyalty was not a loyalty to abstractions; it was a loyalty to living human beings. Why did Gandhiji continue his stay in Champaran even after indigo sharecropping disappeared?
15.    Describe how, according to Louis Fischer, Gandhiji succeeded in his Champaran campaign.

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