Should Wizard Hit Mommy - Summary

The chapter is about a man, Jack, who used to tell a story to his daughter, Jo, every evening and on Saturday noon to make her go to sleep. It had started two years prior when she was just two years old. Since he had run out of stories, he used to say the same story every day by simply bringing in a slight variation. All the stories had a small creature named Roger who would go to the wise old owl for solution to the problem he had. He would just change Roger every time and make it Roger Fish or Roger Squirrel or Roger Chipmunk. The owl would tell Roger to go to the Wizard and the wizard would perform a magic spell to solve the problem and would demand a payment for doing that and every time, Roger would have pennies lesser than the wizard demanded. The wizard would direct him to a place where he would be able to find extra pennies. Then, Roger would become happy and would play a lot of games with other creatures and, then, would go home to his mother just in time to hear the whistle of the train that brought his daddy home from work in Boston. They would have supper and the story would get over. But, it was becoming a problem on Saturday’s as she would not go to sleep anymore.
One Saturday, he again sat down to tell a story to her for the nap and asked her who would she like the story to be about. She thought for a while and asked for a story about Roger Skunk. Jack started the story and said that there was a tiny little creature that once lived in deep dark woods by the name of Roger Skunk and he smelled so bad that none of the other creatures would play with him. Instead they would make fun of him calling him Roger Stinky Skunk and he would tear up due to that. So, he went to a very big tree where a wise old owl lived. He asked the owl about what could he do about his smell and cried. The owl though a bit and asked him to go to the wizard.
Jo kept interrupting Jack with some question or the other about things she did not know about. But, he kept coming back to the story after giving her an answer. He said that Roger Skunk went along the route given by the owl to reach the wizard’s house. A little old man came out of the house when he rapped on the window sill. The old man asked him who he was and said that he smelled bad. Roger said he knew that and that was what he needed a help with. He took Roger inside his house and took out a magic wand and asked Roger what he wanted to smell like. Roger said he wanted to smell like roses.
Jack said a few words like a chant
“Abracadabry, hocus-poo, Roger Skunk, how do you do, Roses, boses, pull an ear, Roger Skunk, you never fear: Bingo!”
And, he said, with that the whole house started smelling of roses. Roger cried with happiness and the wizard asked for seven pennies as a payment. But, Roger had only four pennies and started crying again. So, the wizard told him to go to the end of the lane, turn around three times, and look down the magic well to find the extra three pennies. Roger did that exactly and found the three pennies, which he took to the wizard. He was extremely happy and when he went back to the woods, all the other creatures gathered around him as he smelled good and they played several games.
When it started getting dark, he went back home to his mommy. His mommy called the new smell awful and asked him about it. He said it is he who smelt of roses and the wizard had done that for him. His mommy said that they would have to go back to the wizard to turn the spell back. Roger said that all the other animals run away from him due to his smell. But, his mommy did not listen to him and said that he should smell like a skunk should and went with him to the wizard’s house and hit the wizard on the head with her umbrella and asked him to take the spell back. The wizard took it back and Roger again smelled bad.
Then, they went back home and as they reached home, they heard the whistle of the train that brought the daddy skunk back home from Boston. They had supper and when Roger skunk was in bed, Mommy skunk went to him, hugged him, and said that he smelled like his little baby again and she loved him a lot. And, the story ended.
But, Jo did not like the ending and asked if the other animals again ran away from Roger. Jack said that the animals eventually got used to it and did not mind it anymore.
But, Jo said that the Mommy skunk was stupid. Jack said with an emphasis that she was not and asked Jo to go to sleep. But, just as he was about to leave, she got up and stood on the bed. She asked Jack to tell her a new story next day in which the wizard would hit the mommy with his magic wand.
Jack said that was not right and said that mommy skunk knew what was right for Roger and she loved him due to which she did that. But, Jo became adamant and asked Jack to say that he will tell her such a story next time. Jack let go of the issue and said that he will see about it and asked her to go to sleep.
After that, he closed the door and went downstairs where his wife. Claire, had spread the newspapers all over the floor and had opened a paint can. She was wearing an old shirt of his on top of her maternity smock and had just begun to paint.
He looked all around and saw all the woodwork around him that had to be painted and felt stuck in an ugly position and did not want to do that work or even talk to his wife.

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