Evans Tries An O-Level – Important Questions

1.         Why was Evans known as "Evans the Break" by the prison officers?
2.              What kind of person was Evans? Why did he want to sit for the O-level German examination?
3.         What were the precautions taken for the smooth conduct of the examination?
4.         How did the Governor react to the two phone calls he received in quick succession?
5.         Why did Evans not take off his hat when Jackson ordered him to do so?
6.         How does McLeery explain the presence of a small semi-inflated rubber ring? What did it actually contain?
7.         Why did Evans drape a blanket round his shoulders? What did Stephens think about it?
8.         Inspite of strict Vigilance how did Evan's friend manage to give the material for disguise in the cell?
9.         What purpose did the question paper and the correction slip serve? How did they help both the criminals and the Governor?
How did the question paper and the correction slip help the prisoner and the Governor?
What clues did the answer sheet of Evans provide to the Governor?
10.       How was the injured McLeery able to befool the prison officers?
11.       How did the negligence of the prison officers prove to be a boon for Evans?
12.       How did Evans outwit the Governor in the end?
13.       What could the Governor have done to securely bring back Evans to prison when he caught him at the Golden Lion? Does that final act of foolishness really prove that “he was just another good-for-a-giggle, gullible governor”?
14.       Who was the driver of the van? Where did Evans ask the driver to go?
15.       Give a character sketch of the Governor of Oxford Prison.

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