Mrs Packletide's Tiger - Important Questions

1.         Who was Loona Bimberton? What was Mrs. Packletide’s attitude to her?
2.         What did Mrs. Packletide want to do before she left the country?
3.         Why did Mrs. Packletide wish to kill a tiger?

        What were the circumstances which compelled Mrs. Packletide to undertake the tiger shooting 
        How did Mrs. Packletide react to Loona Bimberton’s adventure?
4.         How was the tiger shooting arranged? What kind of a tiger was chosen for the purpose?
5.         In what way did the villagers help Mrs. Packletide shoot the tiger?
6.         Describe the three steps taken by the villagers to keep the tiger in good humour?
7.       Do you think the tiger shooting organized by the villagers was a serious affair? Give reasons for your answer.
8.        Who was Miss Mebbin? Was she really devoted to Mrs. Packletide? How did she behave during the tiger shooting?
9.          What seemed to happen when the rifle ‘flashed out’? What really happened?
What causes the tiger’s death?
10.      What comment did Miss Mebbin make after Mrs Packletide had fired the shot? Why did Miss Mebbin make this comment? How did Mrs Packletide react to this comment?
11.       How did the villagers react to the tiger's death?
12.      What happened at the tiger shooting spot? What were the benefits and difficulties Mrs. Packletide has after the event?
13.       How could Mrs. Packletide face the camera with a light heart though she had not killed the tiger?
14.       What was Mrs. Packletide’s plan to do after shooting the tiger?
What made Mrs. Packletide give a party in Loona Bimberton's honour? What did she intend to give Loona on her birthday?
15.       Why did Loona Bimberton refuse to look at the illustrated weekly?
16.       Do you think Mrs. Packletide was able to achieve her heart's desire? Give reasons for your answer.
17.       How did Miss Mebbin manage to get her week-end cottage? Why did she plant so many tiger lilies in her garden?
18.      "The incidental expenses are so heavy," she confides to inquiring friends. Who is the speaker? What is she referring to here?
At the end of the lesson Mrs Packletide decides to stop indulging herself in game shooting. Why did she take such a decision?
19.      Do you think the writer is trying to make fun of the main characters in the story i.e. Mrs. Packletide, Miss Mebbin and Loona Bimberton? Pick out instances from the story that point to this fact.
20.       A person who is vain is full of self importance and can only think of himself/herself and can go to great lengths to prove his/her superiority. Do you think Mrs Packletide is vain? Give reasons in support of your answer.
21.       Sometimes writers highlight certain negative aspects in society or human beings by making fun of it. This is called satire. Would you classify ‘Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger’ as a satire? Give reasons to support your answer?
22.       How does the writer create humor in this story?
What were the humorous elements in the story?
23.       Do you agree with the view that the author ridicules the pretentious nature of the upper class of then prevailing society? Justify your answer.
24.       Describe the character of Mrs. Packletide.
25.       “The pettiness and hunger for publicity of the characters evoke laughter.” Justify your answer quoting from the lesson Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger.
26.      In "Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger," Saki (H.H. Munro) tackles the human beings’ fascination with wildgame hunting, as well as the timeless drive to keep up with the Bimberton’s. Discuss.
27.       Suppose you are Mrs. Packletide. Years later you think of tiger hunt episode. You decide to write in your diary what led you to give up the big game of hunting. Write a page of Mrs. Packletide’s diary.
28.      Imagine you are Mrs, Packletide. Write a diary entry about your fears of Loona Bimberton coming to know your secret.
29.       Suppose you are Miss Mebbin. Your cottage is the wonder and admiration of your friends. Write a page of your diary recording how you managed to buy a pretty weekend cottage and maintain it so well.

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