On The Face Of It - Important Questions

1.         Who is Mr Lamb?
2.         How does Derry get into his garden?
3.         Why is Derek startled as soon as he enters the garden?
4.         What is the attitude of Mr. Lamb to the small boy who comes to his garden?
5.              “I’m, not afraid. People are afraid of me,” says Derry. What do people think on seeing his face? How do they react then?
6.         What terrible complex does Derek suffer from?
Why does Derek not like being with people?
7.         Why does Mr Lamb leave his gate always open?
8.         How did Children make fun of Mr. Lamb? Did he mind their words?
9.         In which section of the play does Mr Lamb display signs of loneliness and disappointment? What are the ways in which Mr Lamb tries to overcome these feelings?
10.       Why did Mr Lamb help Derry?
11.       “So you are not lost completely” Why did Mr. Lamb utter these words?
12.       How does Mr Lamb try to remove the baseless fears of Derry?
13.       Why do these arguments fail to console Derry?
14.       What is it that draws Derry towards Mr Lamb inspite of himself?
15.       Do you think Derry’s chance meeting with Mr Lamb would prove meaningful to him? Answer giving valid reasons?
In what sense is the friendship between Mr Lamb and Derry fruitful?
16.       “You should not believe all you hear.” Why did Derry say those words to her mother?
17.       Why did Derry have tears in his eyes?
18.       How far do you find the ending of the play quite effective and meaningful?
19.       If you were to give a different ending to the story, ‘On The Face of It’ how would you end it?
20.       What impression do you form about Mr. Lamb?
21.       What is the bond that unites the two—Mr Lamb, the old and Derry, the small boy? How does the old man inspire the little boy?
22.       How did Mr Lamb’s meeting with Derry become a turning point in Derry’s life?
23.       Derry and Mr Lamb both are victims of physical impairment but their attitudes towards life are completely different. Explain?
Compare and contrast the characters of Mr. Lamb and Derry.
24.       Comment on the moral value of the play.

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