Should Wizard Hit Mommy? - Important Questions

1.         How was the Skunk’s story different from the other stories narrated by Jack?
2.         Why did Roger Skunk go to see the old owl?
3.         How did the Wizard help Roger Skunk?
4.         Why was Roger Skunk’s mommy angry with him? What did she finally tell him?
5.         Why does Jack insist that it was the wizard that was hit and not the mother?
6.         Why did Jo think Roger Skunk was better off with the new smell?
7.         Why did Jo think that Skunk’s mommy was stupid?
8.         How did Jo want the Wizard to behave when mommy Skunk approached him?
How did Jo want the story of Roger Skunk to end? Why?
Why did Jo disapprove of Jack’s ending of the story of Roger Skunk? How did she want it to end?
9.         Why does Jo insist that her father should tell her the story with a different ending?
10.       What impression do you form of Jack as a father?
11.       Do you think the skunk in the story is, more or less, an alter ego of the author, as far as the childhood is concerned?
Is the story of Roger Skunk that Jack tells autobiographical?
12.       How would you interpret the expression, "This was a new phase, just this last month, a reality phase"?
13.       What is the underlying idea behind the wizard's taking the beating and tamely changing the rose smell?
14.       Why does Jo call Skunk's mother a stupid Mommy? What did she want the mother to be punished for?
15.       What made Jack a great story teller?
16.       How does Jack justify Roger’s mother? Why does he do so?
17.       What does Jack actually want Jo to know and understand in the story?
18.       What is the moral issue that the story raises?
19.       What makes Jack feel caught in an ugly middle position?
20.       What is your stance regarding the two endings to the Roger Skunk story?
21.       Why is an adult’s perspective on life different from that of a child’s?

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