The Enemy - Important Questions

1.      What did Dr. Sadao and his wife see when they stood out looking at the sea?
2.      In what condition was the American sailor when Dr. Sadao found him?
3.      What conflicting ideas arise in Dr Sadao’s mind after he has brought the wounded American soldier home? How is the conflict resolved?
4.      Hana told Yumi to wash the soldier. How did Yumi react?
5.      How did Hana help Dr Sadao?
6.      Why did Hana have to wash the wounded man herself?
Why did Hana wash the wounded soldier herself?
7.      Dr Sadao was compelled by his duty as a doctor to help the enemy soldier. What made Hana, his wife, sympathetic to him in the face of open defiance from the domestic staff?
8.      Why did the servants leave Dr Sadao’s house?
9.      How does the writer indicate that Dr Sadao’s father was a very traditional and conventional man?
10.    Why did the General not order immediate arrest of Dr Sadao who had sheltered a Whiteman?
11.    What was the General’s plan to get rid of the American prisoner? Was it executed? What traits of General’s character are highlighted in the lesson?
12.    How did Dr Sadao ensure that the American sailor left his house but he himself remained safe and secure?
How did Dr Sadao get rid of the enemy soldier?
13.    How would you explain the reluctance of the soldier to leave the shelter of the doctor’s home even when he knew he couldn’t stay there without risk to the doctor and himself?
14.    Why did Sadao help the American soldier to escape?
15.    Do you think Dr Sadao’s final decision was the best possible one in the circumstances? Why/Why not? Explain with reference to the story, ‘The Enemy’?
16.    Why did Dr Sadao treat the American soldier even though, it was an unpatriotic act on his part?
17.    What impression do you form about Dr Sadao as a man and as a surgeon on your reading the chapter The Enemy’?
18.    What message does ‘The Enemy’ give?

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