The Frog And The Nightingale - Important Questions

1.         What efforts were made by the creatures of the Bingle Bog to stop the frog‘s croaking?
2.         What chance incident brought some respite to the creatures of Bingle Bog?
3.         How did the creatures of Bingle bog react to the nightingale's singing?
4.         How did the arrival of the nightingale affect the frog?
5.         Which are the different ways in which the frog asserts his importance?
        Taking the nightingale as a protégée was a ploy employed by the frog to save his position. Comment
6.         What piece of advice did the frog give to nightingale to improvise her singing?
7.         How did the frog encash on nightingale’s popularity?
8.         Why is the frog's joy both sweet and bitter?
9.         Bring out the irony in the frog's statement - 'Your song must be your own'.
10.       The frog was boastful and insensitive. Give reasons for your answer.
11.       How did the celebrity status affect the nightingale?
12.       What do you think the nightingale was afraid of?
13.       Why do you think the nightingale lost her appeal for the masses?
14.       Why was the frog angry?
15.       How did the frog kill the nightingale without any blame on him?
16.       What characteristics helped the frog to overpower the Nightingale?
17.      Do you agree with the Frog's inference of the Nightingale's character? Give reasons for your answer.
18.       Do you think the nightingale is 'brainless'? Give reasons for your answer?
In what sense was the nightingale a stupid creature?
Do you think nightingale was responsible for her own death? Substantiate your answer with examples from the poem?
19.       Do you think the end is justified?
20.      Inspite of having a melodious voice and being a crowd puller, the nightingale turns out to be a loser and dies. How far is she responsible for her own downfall?
21.       In spite of the frog’s crass cacophony how could he emerge as the winner?
22.       Bring out the symbolism as used by the poet in the poem “The frog and the Nightingale”
23.       Explain the lesson we can learn from the frog’s deception of the nightingale.
24.       How did the frog become the unrivalled king of the bog again?

25.       “Every day the frog who’d sold her
Songs for silver, tried to scold her.”

What actually made the frog scold her
What does ‘silver’ stand for.?
Contrast the nature of the frog and the nightingale in the light of the above lines.

26.       And a solitary loon
Wept beneath the summer moon
Toads and teals and tiddlers captured
By her voice, cheered on, enraptured
Bravo! Too Divine! Encore

Who are the two characters in this story in verse?
What is such a poem called?
What two tall claims did the frog make?
Which tree did the frog own and what did he do there?

27.       This is a fairy tale,
And you’re Mozart in disguise
Come to earth before my eyes.

Who is the speaker of the above lines?
Who is Mozart in disguise?
What comparison does the speaker wish to draw here?

28.       Did you‐‐‐ did you like my song?
Not too bad– but far too long.
The technique was fine, of course,
But it lacked a certain force.

What flaw did the frog find in the nightingale’s song?
What impression do you form about the frog?
What is your opinion about the nightingale?

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